Hydraulic Analysis Software

  • Surge Analysis
  • City Water Supply
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Oil & Gas
  • Sanitary and Storm Sewers
  • Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems
  • Steam (Saturated and superheated) Systems 

Water Hammer Engineering Services markets the oldest and the most popular pipe network analysis software package in the world called Pipe2016, previously known as KYPIPE/Pipe2000. Pipe2016 software packages are available for analysis and design of drinking water supply systems, raw-water supply systems, piping system handling high temperature liquid, fire protection sprinkler systems, irrigation piping systems, oil pipeline systems, wastewater systems, gas collection and distribution systems, steam (saturated and superheated) pipeline systems.

Pipe2016 also includes a very sophisticated transient analysis module called Surge2016 (previously known as Surge5) capable of handling distribution networks as large as 65,000 pipes. It has got unparalleled computational speed and efficiency and has been used by thousands of engineers around the world for diverse applications including transmission main protection studies, aircraft refueling studies, fire protection systems for air craft hangers and large multi-storied buildings, pathogen intrusion studies of large drinking water distribution systems etc.

The developers of the Pipe2016 program are well trained researchers in the field of network modeling and have published scores of research papers in top technical journals of the world. More importantly, the users are entitled the FREE technical support they receive directly from these highly knowledgeable developers of complex hydraulic engines associated with these programs. This is certainly most unique in this field considering the large loyal user base that Pipe2016 enjoys and the popularity of the program.

The complete Pipe2016 package that allows full-fledged hydraulic analysis of fluid distribution systems is available on the web page. This program allows you to explore numerous other useful feature of the program and all associated modules including Surge2000, Gas2000 and Steam2000. Several Audio Visual presentations that let you explore the features of the program are available at the web site www.kypipe.com